Passion: Wine

As a learned and above all passionate sommelier, I know how to guide you to your taste of wine. It is not my intention to send you wines to taste, because they are considered good or just “in”. In my eyes it is also not important to know how a wine tastes “on the palate” or “in the finish” or whether you can taste various fruits.

For me the taste experience “wine” stands in the foreground. And everyone can discover this for themselves. I want everyone to decide for themselves what tastes to you and what doesn’t, what their personal favourite region becomes and what their personal wine highlight is.

Passion: Event

Besides the love for good wines, it is my main concern to make your dream of an event come true. Not only do I have a degree from the Hotelfachschule Hamburg, but I also have many years of experience in the upscale gastronomy and hotel business – from Arlberg to Sylt, from Meran to the Cote d’Azur and London.

I know what guests want and what makes a good event – whether wedding or birthday celebrations, whether company events or other events.

Wine is like art, elegant, exciting, remarkable, inspiring, sensual, rousing, playful, striking, exciting, exciting, tasteful, but it is different for everyone, yet it fascinates in its own unique way.