Sophienwald® – Phoenix Bordeaux Glass


  • Guaranteed mouth blown, hight end glass – absoluteley lead-free
  • light and elegant, thin-walled and flexible
  • dishwasher proof*

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The slightly higher chialice allows more distance between wine and nose, lets the nose deeper in the glass, without letting you feel too much evaporation of the alcohol. The smaller opener in contrast to the Burgunder-Glass allows less air contact, and withholds the aroma, acid and tannins from a fast development. This brings an more intensive aroma and the slightly ppener brings the wine deeper in the palate and thus provides for a balanced taste experience. Ideal for a middle strongly wine, white and red ones!

* Maintenance note: In order to enjoy your Sophienwald-glass as long as possible, when rising use a soft rinsing programm (softprogram) with the dishwasher with a maximum temperature of 50ºC. Also pay attention to an economical dosage of your dish soap. Put the glasses downwards with the opening in the for it intended basket and avoid to wash it in combination with polluted dishes.

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Weight 0.450 kg

ca. 570 ml


228 mm