Vinturi DELUXE Set, black (for red wines)


This unique device allows the wine to open, to unfold the bouquet and taste, without first opening or decanting it.

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VINTURI Wine Breather:

Vinturi draws the right amount of air in the right time and allows your wine to breathe properly.
You will taste a better bouquet, more mature aromas and a softer finish.

Ist’t it fast? Isn’t it simple?
ENJOY YOUR WINE, from the first sip on.


The elegant holder makes it possible to celebrate or demonstrate the wine aeration even more impressive.

Put your VINTURI wine aerator in the holder and place a wine glass under it; As usual, you then pour the wine through the VINTURI directly into the glass without having to hold the VINTURI in your hand.

The timeless designt fits every table decoration, every housebar and onto every restaurant counter.
With one touch, the TOWER can be split into two parts for easy cleaning and storage.

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