Vinturi Wine Breather, black for redwines


This unique device allows the wine to open, unfold the bouquet and taste without opening or decanting it.

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Vinturi Wine Breather – black

That’s how he works:

  • Holding the wine aerator over the wine glass, make sure you are not blocking the two side air holes. Gießen Sie den Wein direkt aus der Flasche in den Belüfter. By suction, the wine is swirled and aerated with just the right amount of air or oxygen.
  • Make sure that the aerator is filled at least halfway to create enough suction power to prevent it from spilling out of the air holes.
  • Now the red wine is aerated.
  • Can you hear that? The sound is unique to the Vinturi aerator, and it confirms that your Vinturi is working and working.

Vinturi draws the right amount of air in the right time and allows your wine to breathe properly.
You will taste a better bouquet, more mature aromas and a softer finish.

ENJOY YOUR WINE, from the first sip on.


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